Tesoro Golden uMax Metal Detector

Tesoro Golden uMax

Tesoro Golden uMax Metal Detectors

The uMax detector that you have been waiting for is here – The Golden uMax. This is a detector that only Tesoro could build. Full size depth, sensitivity, Four Tone Audio ID and a user adjustable Notch Filter Discriminate all placed into the lightest detector housing on the market. At less than 2 1/2 pounds, the Golden uMax lets you control what you want to find. Our adjustable notch window lets you, not the engineers, decide how to pick through the pull tabs to find the nickels and gold rings, while the ED 120 discrimination knocks out all of the nasty iron. The tone ID will also give you a great idea of what your target is. The Golden uMax will help you define your targets and make better use of your detecting time.

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