Teknetics T2 Metal Detector

Teknetics T2 Metal Detector

Teknetics T2 Metal Detectors

The Teknetics T2 has a unique, multi-mode operation that gives you the simplicity of greater depth as well as discrimination ability to eliminate unwanted metals. This keeps you from digging up trash and lets you only spend time on treasure! The Teknetics T2 has a Quick Start feature that lets you start using it right out of the box. No need to learn programming, engineering – simply set three easy functions and you’re ready to start metal detector for treasures. This machine is easier to learn and use properly than other comparable metal detectors. Its combination of light-weight and balance provides comfort unmatched by any other detector in its price range, and it’s great for coin-shooting, relic hunting, and gold prospecting.

A new advanced design of mechanical features of the Teknetics T2 take it far above the ordinary into a class all its own. Exclusive features such as twp-way adjustable armrest, pistol grip with hand conforming ability and multi-featured combo stand, all make the Teknetics T2 years ahead of the competition. This is a strong, well-built metal detector using structurally sound, light-weight, space-age material to enhance your detecting enjoyment.

No more sore arms, no more switching hand to hand. Light-weight at only 3.6lbs including batteries. Part of the secret of success for the Teknetics T2 is the revolutionary Bi-Axial searchcoil. This coil will penetrate all soil – deeper than ever before. Soil that was resistant to other coils such as high iron-mineral soil, conductive soil and salt-water beaches are now easily penetrated with the Bi-Axial. This dynamic, innovative, 11″ coil is super sensitive and detects coins buried up to 15″ deep! Don’t let low price fool you. This detector is a quality treasure finder that will locate many items that have been lost or hidden. Backed by an outstanding ironclad five-year warranty makes this an amazing value!

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